Feather-Themed Nursery Inspiration

I love all things feathers and the other day I got to thinking that “feathers” would make a fantastic theme for a baby’s nursery! Well, obviously I spent the next hour looking up as many cute feather items as I could possibly find that would be perfect for a nursery and now I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that it will inspire one of you to create a feather-inspired nursery for your little one so I can live vicariously through you and your future cute nursery!

  • Feather-Themed Nursery Inspiration

    Feather-Themed Nursery Inspiration

    Looking for a unique theme for your baby’s nursery? You may want to consider a feather theme. Perfect for a boy or a girl’s nursery and totally of-the-moment. Read on for more ideas to help inspire your little one’s room!

  • Feather Print Swaddle Blanket

    Feather Print Swaddle Blanket

    Swaddle blankets are an essential for newborns, so why not make those swaddle blankets do double duty as decor? When this DIY blanket isn’t wrapping up Baby, it can be strategically laid in the room to help tie in the feather theme.

    DIY tutorial can be found at This Little Miggy Stayed Home

  • Feather Wallpaper

    Feather Wallpaper

    This wallpaper would make a bold statement in a nursery – it’s a little bit glam, but still modern and the color is perfect for a boy or girl’s nursery.

    Purchase from Ferm Living

  • Mod Feather Garland

    Mod Feather Garland

    This DIY garland would we adorable strung up in a little one’s nursery. I love the simple design and materials.

    DIY tutorial can be found at The Southern Institute

  • Wild Bird Feathers Pillow

    Wild Bird Feathers Pillow

    A cozy little lumbar pillow for those long nights spent sitting in a rocking chair with your babe. The hand painted feathers are lovely.

    Purchase from Giardino on Etsy

  • Birds of a Glittery Feather Mobile

    Birds of a Glittery Feather Mobile

    This is a simple DIY project that would make a big impact in a nursery. I love that the glitter on these feathers is balanced by the simple color palette and natural materials. Perfection!

    DIY tutorial can be found at The Doe or the Deer

Does your baby’s nursery have a theme? What is it, or what is it going to be?

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