Our DIY Gender Neutral Nursery – Part 1

Done on the cheap. It’s been about a year since we first started with “the room.” Not just a nursery, we wanted our toddlers’ shared bedroom to be bright and airy with a touch of whimsy. To encourage sleep, quiet time, and independent play.

Something that could grow with them through the years. More classic, with a touch of vintage and modern flair. I’m no designer, yet I do have a creative streak coursing through my veins and a deep love affair for all that is DIY.

How about a quick tour from the beginning stages? After the jump!

  • In The Beginning

    In The Beginning

    Make your own stencils. They can be as elaborate or simple as you want. Clearly I went overboard, as I often do with crafty projects, mainly for the pure enjoyment I get from the creation, execution and end result.

    Get the free DIY here!

  • Primed & Ready

    Primed & Ready

    Painters tape was my friend as you can clearly see. The walls had been freshly painted this lovely ‘Glimmer’ colour, a cross between butter yellow and pale lime green. This particular wall hadn’t existed when we bought the house, but we put one up as a part of the our renos.

  • Progress


    I was quite pregnant when I got down to business here. Lots of bending at awkward angles and such. Which I tore through with the typical ferocity of a nesting pregnant mama. As we do.

  • Room Assembly

    Room Assembly

    One might say these were the final touches, but not really. I mean, sure – the painting was all done and shelves were going up – but here I am a year later with a small space begging for rearranging since the addition of Abby joining her bro in the room. Pictures still need to be hung, a second-hand rocking chair needs to be painted. This series shall hold me to it. (Getting it done). So anyone with attractive and clever space saving/organizational ideas, come forth!

  • Fresh Whimsy

    Fresh Whimsy

    I had a very clear vision on how the room would come together. Since the walls had so much going on, I wanted all of the furniture and shelving to be clean lines, bright white, classic lines and simple.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the series (partial reveal) next week!


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