Affordable Wall Art For Modern Nurseries

One of my favorite things about being pregnant was getting to conceptualize and decorate our son’s nursery. But decorating a nursery can get expensive. And sometimes, the budget just isn’t there to go all out in the ways we’d like to. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still hang great art on the walls for our little ones to look at. With an unending supply of talented artists now selling their work online, it’s easy to find great stuff for affordable prices. Here are my picks for affordable art for your modern nurseries…

  • Retro Robot

    Retro Robot

    This retro style robot art makes me smile. It is perfect for a fun girls or boys room. The colors are soft enough to work for either girls or boys.
    Handz on Etsy

  • Pink Floyd Forever

    Pink Floyd Forever

    This is one of my favorite lyrical quotes from an old Pink Floyd song. Forget nurseries, I kind of want this one for myself. ;)
    Handz on Etsy

  • I'd Cross The Oceans For You

    I'd Cross The Oceans For You

    Maybe I just have a thing for the ocean but this collection of blue hued wales is adorable. The colors are great, the whale shape is simple, and the vector style illustrations are perfectly modern.
    Delievered by Danielle

  • Crying is For Babies... Other Babies

    Crying is For Babies... Other Babies

    These prints make me laugh every time I see them. Why not have a great sense of humor from the very start?
    Sycamore Street Press

  • A is for Ant

    A is for Ant

    There are so many great alphabet inspired prints. I love this one with corresponding animals stealing the show.
    Plum Street Prints

  • Custom Animal Art

    Custom Animal Art

    How fun is this custom print where your baby’s name is spelled out with cartoon style animal prints? I love it.
    Bright Black Sheep

  • You Make Me Happy...

    You Make Me Happy...

    This bright and happy print would add some color and joy to any little girl’s nursery walls.
    The Wheatfield on Etsy

  • A Whale of a Tale

    A Whale of a Tale

    I’m a sucker for this style of watercolor art. I have a print like this of a little bird in our living room. But these gorgeous wales would be beyond beautiful on the walls of a nautical nursery.
    United Thread

  • Wood You?

    Wood You?

    These pieces of art are cut from wood and then painted. I especially like this fun little phrase but the artist will do custom work for you too!
    Oh Dier

  • And Baby Makes Three

    And Baby Makes Three

    For a whimsical and modern nursery, this oh-so-sweet print of a tiny and new family would be adorable.
    Freya Art

  • Always and Forever

    Always and Forever

    Simple, typograpic art always makes a statement. I love the mix of colors in this one.
    Ashley G on Etsy

  • ABC, Easy as 1, 2, 3

    ABC, Easy as 1, 2, 3

    This bright and swirly take on alphabet art is super charming. Pair with with a sunny and feminine nursery and you’ll be good to go!
    The Wheatfield

  • Geometric Bambi

    Geometric Bambi

    For a woodland nursery, or for the Bambi lovers out there, I adore this modern and geometric interpretation of a baby deer. So pretty, so simple, so modern.
    Tiny Kiwi Creations

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