A Peek Around the Nursery

As of last week the nursery is done! Boy, does that feel good. Not that it wasn’t a fun endeavor and I’m glad I didn’t rush it so I was happy with the result, but I love now having that special space for my son. It feels good to go in there and not be looking around thinking of what needs to be finished. Here’s a peek at some of the details. It has an underlying theme of woodland but I tried not to go too over the top with it so it wouldn’t be hard to switch up in the future. Enjoy!

  • Good Day Sunshine

    Good Day Sunshine

    The pennant banner with felt letters was another DIY project that was inexpensive but it helped brighten up the space a bit.

  • Wooden Tree Mobile

    Wooden Tree Mobile

    My friend came up with this mobile idea for her baby born just a month after mine so we crafted them together. You can read my instructions here.

  • Bookshelves


    Beck has quite the book collection going already so I had my husband install simple IKEA shelves so they would have a good place to be stored.

  • Everything Here is Wonderful

    Everything Here is Wonderful

    I loved the message and typography of this card from Best Made Co so I simply framed it for an easy piece of art.

  • Woodland Animals

    Woodland Animals

    We have a mirror with a ledge hanging up and I thought it needed a little more interest so I added these sweet woodland animal figures.

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