A Modern & Neutral Nursery for a Baby Girl

If you aren’t reading the blog Little One Love by Lindsay Dewald, you are surely missing out. Lindsay shares all about her life as mama to little Ruthie. (I know! Such an adorable name!) As a mother of girls myself, I am always on the lookout for nurseries that don’t scream girl. I have nothing against pink or princesses, but I’m always drawn to unique nurseries with modern art and design. Ruthie’s nursery is a perfect example of that. From wooden toys and simply designed furniture to modern artwork and a tribal rug, this room is awesome!

  • A perfect space for baby!

    A perfect space for baby!

    Click through to see all of the details of this modern & neutral nursery…

  • Meet the mama!

    Meet the mama!

    Here’s Lindsay and her sweet Ruthie Claire

  • Neutral


    I love the colors of this room. Dark browns, tans, and shades of blush really come together to make this a calm and relaxing space.

  • Simplicity is key!

    Simplicity is key!

    One thing that makes this room so peaceful is how simple it is. It isn’t overrun with toys or gadgets. Instead, Lindsay chose just a few select toys and decor items to create an ideal environment for her little one.

  • Another view

    Another view

    Check out that neat wooden abacus in the corner!

  • Modern furniture

    Modern furniture

    The rocker and the dresser are very modern, but look sleek and cozy in this neutral nursery…

  • Great arrangement

    Great arrangement

    Another thing that makes this nursery so appealing is how Lindsay arranged everything. The big windows bring in great light, giving the baby a perfect spot to play.

  • I think she likes it!

    I think she likes it!

    How sweet is this little one, staring at herself in the mirror?!

  • More details...

    More details...

    Doesn’t this old fireplace give great character to this room? And I love that sweet bird mobile!

  • Art gallery

    Art gallery

    Baby rooms these days aren’t complete without an art gallery. I love these stylish and personal picks!

  • A lovely room for a lovely lady!

    A lovely room for a lovely lady!

    Enjoy it, Baby Ruthie!!!

All photos via Lindsay Dewald of Little One Love

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