7 Big Pregnancy Trends for 2013

2012 saw plenty of pregnancy trends — like gender-reveal cakes, chevron baby nurseries, and live-tweeting labor. But a new year is upon us, which means new trends are around the corner.

Using reader polling, trend tracking, and pop-culture know-how, released its predictions for the hot pregnancy trends we’ll see in 2013.

  • Royal Baby

    Royal Baby predicts a boom of “Steal Kate’s Maternity Look” features and maternity clothes replications, as well as royal baby gear and decor. Because when it comes to pregnancy, 2013 is a royal pregnancy world and we’re all just pregnant in it.

  • More Public Breastfeeding

    More Public Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding grabbed quite a few headlines in 2012 — from debate over formula-use in hospitals to the infamous Time magazine extended breastfeeding cover. And, according to, breastfeeding rates are on the rise — which could (hopefully) mean more public breastfeeding to increase its normalcy in society.

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    Photo: Lacy Stroessner.

  • Sharing Pregnancy Sooner Than Ever

    Sharing Pregnancy Sooner Than Ever

    Thanks to social media, today’s pregnant women are announcing their “I’M PREGNANT!” news earlier than ever before. While there’s typically a 12-week rule before making the big announcement, found that 58% of pregnant women spilled the news earlier than that. This is a trend that’s sure to continue, if not increase, in 2013.

  • Ultrasound Reveal Parties

    Ultrasound Reveal Parties

    Gender reveal parties are so 2012. The next big thing in self-congratulatory parties is the ULTRASOUND PARTY. And if 2013 parents are going to do a gender reveal party sans ultrasound tech, expect it to be more over-the-top than simply filling cake with pink or blue icing.

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  • Neon in the Nursery

    Neon in the Nursery

    In addition to polka-dotted nurseries, is expecting 2012’s neon trend to bleed over into baby nurseries for 2013.

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    Photo: Kalon Studios Caravan Crib, $695.

  • 2013 Baby Names: Emerald Green

    2013 Baby Names: Emerald Green

    The Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 is emerald green — and expects the celebrity “color name” trend (i.e. Blue, Violet, Olive, etc.) to take on an emerald-inspired tone for 2013.

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  • Downton Abbey Baby Names

    Downton Abbey Baby Names

    Another big baby name trend, according to, is the Downton Abbey craze. We just might be seeing more baby names inspired by the 1920s British aristocracy (and their “help”).

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