6 Ways To Organize Your Diapers


I am a Huggies Diaper snob. Yep, you caught me red handed. I purchased Huggies with my first child and never turned back, and now there is a new favorite of theirs in our home. My 18-month-old loves grabbing her Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers featuring Mickey Mouse and Friends. In fact, she is actually eager to get her diaper changed because they remind her of one her favorite shows on the Disney channel. It’s always great when the diaper makes the whole changing process a breeze. Another reason I love Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers is because of the serious leak coverage and long-lasting protection. No need to constantly check for a leaky mess {thanks to the Huggies Leak Lock system} because with these diapers you’ve got the security you need, which means less laundry from a leaking diaper mess.

However, there is one little problem with the whole diaper situation. Sadie loves seeing Mickey Mouse and Friends on the diapers so much that she thinks the wipes and diaper changing basket is just a toy box. She is always trying to pull them out, which is why I am always trying to find new ways to organize my diapers. That said, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite DIY projects and pretty ways to organize your Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers. When you’re a mom, it’s little things like organized diapers that make you smile.

  • Organized On-the-Go

    Organized On-the-Go

    Diapers need a place for when you’re running errands too! Why not whip up a handy diaper pouch for when you’re toting them along.

    See the tutorial on Noodlehead

  • Go Vintage

    Go Vintage

    Look for something that you can give another life too. This vintage planting box is not just a pretty addition to your nursery but it keeps diapers in one place.

    Image via Sugar and Charm Blog

  • DIY Fabric Bins from A Diaper Box

    DIY Fabric Bins from A Diaper Box

    It is genius! A way to keep the diapers organized, a pretty place for them plus — you’re recycling. In 5 steps, you will have new nursery decor too!

    See the tutorial on Positively Splendid

  • Oh-So-Pretty Storage

    Oh-So-Pretty Storage

    It’s more than storage, it’s decor too! This is such pretty storage to place on your changing table.

    Buy it from The Storage Loft

  • Not Your Average

    Not Your Average

    Being organized can be a great way to add to your nursery! For example, this 3 tier rack isn’t your average place for diapers but it works so well and looks great inside this nursery!

    Image via Boots and Totty

  • Diaper Caddy

    Diaper Caddy

    A handmade diaper caddy in a chevron fabric would be a great addition to any room in your home.

    Buy it from Creat 4 Us Kids

  • Diaper Love

    Diaper Love

    See, Sadie loves them so much she wants to wear them as a hat.

  • Fill them with Huggies

    Fill them with Huggies

    And don’t forget to fill your caddy, basket, or whatever it may be with Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers!

    Buy Huggies from Amazon

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