5 Interactive Playrooms To Swoon For

As Cadence grows, I’ve started to look ahead towards the kinds of fun things we’ll be able to incorporate into our home. There’s such amazing inspiration out there for playrooms that are not only colorful and a fun space for kids to use their imagination, but that also have an interactive element. These types of rooms are my favorites! I’ve rounded up my 5 favorites for you. Warning: These rooms look like so much fun that you might want them for yourself!

  • Jungle Fever

    Jungle Fever

    This colorful room looks like so much fun! With a big tree, jungle vines, and even a swing, kids have space to burn off some energy. And the added bonus of the little lemonade stand theater makes this space extra interactive! I love how they made little seats that look like tree stumps.

  • The Writing's On The Wall

    The Writing's On The Wall

    I know this room is supposed to be for kids but I want it as my office! How fun that all the walls are covered in chalkboard paint so that the kids can draw and create without limits. This room is a little artist’s dream come true!

  • Go Team USA!

    Go Team USA!

    Have a little gymnast in your family? How fun is this room with nets, swings, and even padding so kiddos can climb and flip and jump safely. This would be a great transformation for a basement!

  • Through The Wardrobe

    Through The Wardrobe

    This one is so simple but it might be my all time favorite! It’s a little secret playroom hidden by a wardrobe. It’s very Narnia isn’t it? You could accomplish this one easily with a walk in closet and a big armoire.

  • Modern Creativity

    Modern Creativity

    This room proves that you can have great modern decor and still leave space for kids to be kids. By painting the top of a wooden table with chalkboard paint, kids can draw all they want, anytime without much mess!

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