5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Princess

Decorating a nursery for your little princess is so much fun. There are many different directions you can go in as far as color choice, style, budget, and more. Check out these 5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Princess to see how these families have turned their rooms into something magical…

  • Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time

    The light pink, white, and hint of gold color scheme plays a big part in creating this magical princess nursery.

    Photo credit: Etsy.

  • Coral and Lavender

    Coral and Lavender

    Try doing variations on a standard color scheme, like pink and purple, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

    Photo credit: Kendall Wilkinson.

  • A Princess Nursery on a Budget

    A Princess Nursery on a Budget

    This Mama will tell you all about how she designed this beautiful nursery for her princess and still kept costs low.

    Photo credit: In the Fun Lane.

  • Sticking With Sophisticated

    Sticking With Sophisticated

    Using neutral colors and minimal decor, with hints of silver or crystals, makes for a stunning and sophisticated nursery.

    Photo credit: Houzz.

  • The Artsy Princess

    The Artsy Princess

    Consider making the art in the nursery the focus that brings the whole room together.

    Photo credit: Chic Posh.

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