5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Prince

When decorating a nursery the hardest part can be deciding where exactly to start. Do you go for something vintage or something hip and modern? Do you combine them both? There are an infinite number of possibilities to choose from and looking at nurseries can always help. Check out these 5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Prince to get you started on decorating the dream nursery for your little boy…

  • A Big Surprise

    A Big Surprise

    This room was a Gender Surprise Nursery so the mom-to-be sent the gender results in a sealed envelope to the interior design company without even looking at it. Keep reading to see what she said when the nursery was revealed.

    Photo credit: Jack and Jill Interiors.

  • Bright and Inviting

    Bright and Inviting

    The white walls, sky blue and tans in this room make it look calm and inviting.

    Photo credit: First Comes Love.

  • Wonderfully Rustic

    Wonderfully Rustic

    The barn doors and use of burnt orange and gray gives this nursery a wonderful combination of modern and rustic.

    Photo credit: Kjerstis Lykke.

  • Sleeping in Stripes

    Sleeping in Stripes

    Don’t be afraid to try something new like adding stripes to the walls.

    Photo credit: Boots and Totty.

  • The Artsy Prince

    The Artsy Prince

    Place a detailed and colorful work of art in the nursery to brighten up the whole room.

    Photo credit: Decor Pad.

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