5 Finishing Touches to Your Nursery Decor

One of my favorite parts about being pregnant was decorating the nursery. I would jot down ideas and gaze at pictures for inspiration, but even when it was done there was always one last thing it needed. Are you finding yourself in the same boat? Sometimes the simplest addition, like a cute printed crib sheet or bunting, is all you need to tie it together…

  • Fabric Covered Letters

    Fabric Covered Letters

    Fabric covered letters are something your baby can keep forever. Use one of their initials or buy a few to write a loving word.

  • DIY Crib Sheets

    DIY Crib Sheets

    Tie the whole crib together with an adorable set of crib sheets. Learn how to make these DIY crib sheets at Prudent Baby.

  • Homemade Nursery Art & Bunting

    Homemade Nursery Art & Bunting

    Make your baby Personalized Nursery Art or add a crochet bunting to the wall.

  • Lining the Bookcase

    Lining the Bookcase

    Line the back of your bookcase with brightly colored paper to make it stand out.

  • Sock Friend

    Sock Friend

    Pick up a sock pal, like this sock alligator, for Baby to snuggle with.

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