5 Favorite Disney-Themed Baby Nursery Ideas

We might be different ages, with different experiences and different lifestyles here on Disney Baby, but we all have one thing in common: We love us some Disney.

So while contemplating baby nursery ideas, why not stick with a Disney theme?

Here are my 5 favorite Disney-themed baby nurseries for you to draw inspiration:

  • Classic Pooh

    Classic Pooh

    Rather than a traditional Pooh & Friends design, opt for a vintage, classic storybook look. Read on for more Classic Pooh ideas…

  • My Friend Pooh Hamper, $44.95

    My Friend Pooh Hamper, $44.95

    Part of the Classic Pooh collection, this shows how gender-neutral this theme is.

    Buy from Amazon.

  • Classic Pooh 9

    Classic Pooh 9" Plush Toy, $14.99

    Make Baby’s first teddy bear a Classic Pooh plush — just like Christopher Robin had.

    Buy from FAO Schwartz.

  • My Friend Pooh Fleece Blanket, $23

    My Friend Pooh Fleece Blanket, $23

    Finish off the Classic Pooh nursery with sweet, gender-neutral bedding — like this fleece blanket.

    Buy from Amazon.

  • Disney Princess

    Disney Princess

    Mix and match princesses with this girly, regal nursery theme — complete with ruffles, castles, and pink pink pink. Read on for princess ideas…

  • Cinderella Wall Decals, $20

    Cinderella Wall Decals, $20

    Turn your nursery into a magical kingdom with this castle decal.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • Cinderella Lamp and Shade, $45

    Cinderella Lamp and Shade, $45

    …and the decal perfectly matches this pretty-pretty-princess lamp.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • Disney Baby Cool Mist Humidifier, Disney Princess, $50

    Disney Baby Cool Mist Humidifier, Disney Princess, $50

    Even your nursery essentials — like this baby humidifier! — can match your princess theme.

    Buy from Toys ‘R Us.

  • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo

    Opt for a non-traditional underwater baby nursery theme, featuring our favorite little fish NEMO. Read on for more…

  • Finding Nemo Fitted Crib Sheets, $16

    Finding Nemo Fitted Crib Sheets, $16

    Have your baby be greeted by Nemo’s smiling face each morning.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • Finding Nemo Receiving Blankets (4-Pack), $18

    Finding Nemo Receiving Blankets (4-Pack), $18

    Stock your nursery with these fun, bubbly swaddles.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • Finding Nemo Security Blanket, $12

    Finding Nemo Security Blanket, $12

    Nemo can even be your baby’s first lovie.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King

    Another unique, gender-neutral baby nursery idea for Disney fans.

    See more about The Lion King nursery.

  • The Lion King Receiving Blankets (4-Pack), $18

    The Lion King Receiving Blankets (4-Pack), $18

    Add some jungle-like touches to finish off the nursery — like animal prints and big leaves.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • The Lion King Crib Sheet, $16

    The Lion King Crib Sheet, $16

    Complete the nursery with sheets and blankets from The Lion King.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • The Lion King Humidifier, $50

    The Lion King Humidifier, $50

    They even have a LION KING humidifier — which is an adorable (and useful) finishing touch.

    Buy from Toys ‘R Us.

  • Mickey/Minnie


    You might overlook this classic theme, but with the black-and-white images, kid-friendly shapes, and accessible ideas, it just might be the perfect choice for your Disney Baby.

  • Mickey/Minnie Lamp, $59.50

    Mickey/Minnie Lamp, $59.50

    If you go with the Minnie Mouse theme, you can add fun polka dots all over the room!

    Buy from Disney Store.

  • Minnie Mouse Wall Decals, $30

    Minnie Mouse Wall Decals, $30

    Jazz up your nursery walls with these removable, self-stick wall decals in a vintage Minnie design.

    Buy from Babies ‘R Us.

  • SwaddleDesign Disney Baby Blankets

    SwaddleDesign Disney Baby Blankets

    Whether or not you have a Mickey-themed baby nursery, I love these SwaddleDesigns blankets featuring classic Mickey sketches.
    See more about the SwaddleDesign Disney Baby Blankets.

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