5 Colorful Play Rooms

There’s no better room in the house to have fun with color than in the play room. Whether you bring in color by painting the wall in rainbow stripes or let your kid’s art do the decorating for you, here are five rooms that are sure to leave you happy.

  • Light Filled

    Light Filled

    This play space looks like it got prime real estate in this house with all that light. It’s actually a neutral space but it’s made colorful with art and a rainbow garland.

    from Covet Garden

  • Rainbow


    If you can’t decide on a color palette for your play room, go with all of them. This space is so happy.

    from Hus & Hem

  • Primary Colors

    Primary Colors

    A updated take on primary colors with slightly brighter and lighter hues.

    from Harlequin

  • Rainbow Stripes

    Rainbow Stripes

    Children’s dress-ups are so colorful, they can play double duty as art. You really need to see this whole image for the full effect.

    from Design Sponge

  • Art Wall

    Art Wall

    Instead of hanging up wallpaper or framing prints, children’s art can cover a wall and add a lot of color.

    from Vogue

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