4 Charming Nurseries Decorated For The Holidays

There’s just something about having a little bit of Christmas (or whatever seasonal holiday you celebrate), spread around in each room in the house.  Nothing too over the top, perhaps just a simple Christmas tree, a festive print or a string of garland.  I especially love seeing details of the holiday season spread in children’s rooms and nurseries. Each of my 3 children all have their own Christmas tree that displays ornaments they’ve made or been given over the past few years.  They love having some holiday cheer in their own room and certainly come to expect it by now.  If you’d like to start the tradition of adding just a bit of holiday cheer to your baby’s rooms, here are 4 charming nurseries to give you a bit of inspiration. 

  • Lola's Vintage Christmas Nursery

    Lola's Vintage Christmas Nursery

    This sweet nursery is so simple and serene. I love the calming colors and textures, and the fresh greenery and interesting fabrics on the little trees add a touch of nature and dimension. Via Dear Lillie

  • Sweet Christmas Tree

    Sweet Christmas Tree

    A small 3 foot tree sits unobtrusively in the corner, and the tiny white lights give the nursery a warm soft glow. Via Dear Lillie

  • Fresh Green Details

    Fresh Green Details

    A potted rosemary plant and a simple small wreath add a festive touch and will make for easy take-down once the holidays are over, or can easily be left up through the winter season. Via Dear Lillie

  • Harper's Red & White Nursery

    Harper's Red & White Nursery

    A change in the crib skirt and the addition of some simple red and white garland is all this nursery needs to feel updated and festive for the holiday season. Via Little Baby Garvin

  • The Simple Details

    The Simple Details

    This simple dot and pennant flag garland is festive without screaming Christmas, so it could easily be used for other holidays like Valentine’s Day, or placed in other rooms in the house. I love decor that’s multifunctional like that! Via Little Baby Garvin

  • Fa La La La La!

    Fa La La La La!

    I love this banner tucked away in the corner above the rocking chair. Would make a great and easy DIY to do this weekend! Via Little Baby Garvin

  • Pops Of Red & White

    Pops Of Red & White

    A cute Elf On the Shelf, a polka dot blanket, and a well designed and displayed holiday print is all this dresser needs to get spruced up for the holiday season. Via Little Baby Garvin

  • A Dash Of Merry & Bright For Avi's Nursery

    A Dash Of Merry & Bright For Avi's Nursery

    I love the colorful, yet subtle Christmas decor touches in this nursery. A tall tree stands in the corner, yet doesn’t dominate the room, just adds warmth and good cheer. Via The Simple Swan

  • Cheery Bookshelf

    Cheery Bookshelf

    Just a few colorful letters to spell out NOEL and a Christmas prop or two is all this bookshelf needs to go from ordinary nursery decor to holiday ready. Via The Simple Swan

  • Snowflake Mobile

    Snowflake Mobile

    The most sparkly and colorful snowflakes I’ve ever seen, hung in the form of a mobile, it’s absolutely perfect for this sweet nursery! Via The Simple Swan

  • A Neon Twist To Christmas

    A Neon Twist To Christmas

    This nursery decor just happens to be my son Hayden’s, I just couldn’t resist sharing with you all. Hayden’s room is all white and beige with pops of bright neon color throughout, so it only made sense to add some Christmas cheer in the form of neon. The prints and garland were both DIY projects I completed in just an hour. Via For the Love Of

  • Rudolph and Tree Prints

    Rudolph and Tree Prints

    By tracing designs I found online onto cardstock, cutting them out with an exacto knife, and layering on bright neon office supply paper, I had inexpensive and festive artwork that coordinated perfectly with his nursery. Via For the Love Of

  • Subtle Details

    Subtle Details

    I added some sparkly twine and a DIY banner around a fresh evergreen potted tree, and made another piece of artwork with neon washi tape for a subtle dose of neon fun on the nightstand. Via For the Love Of

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