15 Amazing Montessori Nurseries & Playrooms

I’ve been on quite the Montessori binge as of late. From researching my own personal options regarding Montessori as daycare, to bringing a Montessori way of playing and natural learning home. Not just for over-achievers and the middle-class – parents everywhere have embraced Dr. Maria Montessori’s education philosophy as a way of life for their babies and toddlers, especially since the early years are so formatively important.

Parents are creating Montessori nurseries, home-school environments and making DIY inspired activities to do with their kids at home, whether they are in pre-school or public school. I’ve been on a mission to do some rearranging in our playroom and my kids’ shared bedroom. It would definitely create space, what with the minimalist design aesthetic so closely associated with the pedagogy. My sources of inspiration have been outstanding.

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