13 Must-See Playrooms for Baby

Besides a nursery, a playroom is where your baby will most likely spend their time if you have room for one. If you don’t, opt for a corner of the room to designate the baby zone. Even though it most likely won’t matter because once you have kids, I feel like toys are just everywhere. However, if you have a little one or are expecting soon I highly recommend creating a space for play. It is great to encourage creativity by having all of your toys in one organized space. Need a little inspiration? Browse some oh-so-fun playrooms to get ideas for your own space. After all, you need a place to put all those Disney toys right?

  • All In One

    All In One

    What a beautiful all in one playroom and bedroom for a little one! Giving them a space they can grow into is always a great idea too.

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • One Very Organized Playroom

    One Very Organized Playroom

    How about those storage benches created from a book shelf? And the beautiful wall paper? This is one beautiful and very organized playroom with amazing design elements.

    Image via i heart organizing

  • A Sophisticated Space

    A Sophisticated Space

    A clutter free playroom is a dream! I love the bright cherry and turquoise colors paired together.

    Image via Houzz

  • Convert the Attic

    Convert the Attic

    If you have an attic you may want to convert it to a place for the entire clan to gather. More together time for all!

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • Hello Sunshine

    Hello Sunshine

    This bright and airy playroom has quite the reading nook. Books are something you should stock-up on for your playroom. They look so pretty on shelves too!

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • Just for the Kids

    Just for the Kids

    If you have an extra space you aren’t using full advantage of, why not covert it to the playroom!

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • Not Just For Baby

    Not Just For Baby

    Creating a bold and bright place for the entire family is a great idea too!

    Image via Project Nursery

  • Lots of Room for Fun

    Lots of Room for Fun

    While not everyone has a large space for toys, this is a beautiful wide open space for hours of fun. I love those big bean bag chairs! This room has plenty of options to grow.

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • Pop of Color

    Pop of Color

    Using bright colors in your playroom will give it a fun yet cozy and inviting feel. How adorable is that kitchen?

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • Make it Work

    Make it Work

    If you have a home office but no room for a playroom than sharing the space is always a great option. You can work while you watch the little ones play.

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • Corner Play Area

    Corner Play Area

    Putting up a tent in the corner of your living space filled with your littles favorite toys and book is a great option!

    Image via Apartment Therapy

  • Oh-So-Eclectic


    This nursery is a whimsical, eclectic space yet so very practical. Look at that adorable dresser? A perfect place for toys!

    Image via Project Nursery

  • A Bright Organized Space

    A Bright Organized Space

    How about those pretty wallpaper lined shelves? It makes a great place to organize all of the toys.

    Image via Project Nursery


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