10 Quilted DIY Tutorials for the Nursery

It was 2009 and my first child had just been born at the beginning of a long cold winter. With a full year of maternity leave ahead of me and nothing but time to care for and love-up my Little Big Spirit Running – my obsession handmade baby products, specifically baby quilts, layette and fabric began.

I started up my own handmade business and delved deep into learning how to sew among many other things revolving around my product line and running a small business. It was incredibly hard and deeply satisfying my time as a full-time artisan, and though I’ve made the bittersweet decision to end that chapter – my love affair with crafting, making handmade goods for babies and toddlers remains.

It may not be winter everywhere this roundup may find you – but the beautiful thing about quilts is that they are timeless and perfect for every season! Enjoy the looking and creating…

  • Vintage Warmth with Modern Flair

    Vintage Warmth with Modern Flair

    Cozy up with your baby this winter with one of these warm quilts and add some coordinated flair to their nursery!

  • Ombre Triangle Quilt

    Ombre Triangle Quilt

    This quilt is just so absolutely darling with thorough, detailed instructions and beautiful photos. Just wait till you see the author/creator’s yummy little newborn all swaddled up in this beauty!
    Get the tutorial via see kate sew

  • DIY 'Quilt Light'

    DIY 'Quilt Light'

    The Quilt Light is a self-customisable product by Australian craft and product designer Tamara Maynes, featuring you as the maker!
    Get the template and instructions via Big Cartel

  • Bunting Quilt

    Bunting Quilt

    The lasting trend of decorating nurseries with bunting now found in a quilt!
    Get the tutorial viaa Few Scraps

  • Pouch Envy

    Pouch Envy

    Keep your toiletries, your babies toiletries, wipes and all of that other BABY STUFF that floats around in your bag organized. Or stack these up on the shelves in their room with these cute pouches.
    Find all of the tutorials over on How About Orange

  • Herringbone Quilt

    Herringbone Quilt

    The perfect eclectic looking quilt that will match any room, any design theme. In my humble opinion.
    Find the tutorial over on Bijou Lovely Designs

  • Girard Floor Cushion

    Girard Floor Cushion

    Clearly, this is the most awesome floor pouf EVER. I especially love that one could alter the design to be anything they like, if one were so craftily inclined. A fox, a kitty…so many options.
    Get the tutorial via Gerbera Designs

  • Easy & Bright Triangle Quilt

    Easy & Bright Triangle Quilt

    Another lovely triangle quilt, but larger dimensions to grow with your baby right through past toddler-hood. Je t’aime.
    Get the tutorial via Happy Together Creates

  • Sweater Blanket Quilt

    Sweater Blanket Quilt

    So deliciously warm and cozy – perfect for the winter!
    Get the tutorial via Yellow Suitcase Studio

  • Black, White & Vintage Floral Quilt: Reversible

    Black, White & Vintage Floral Quilt: Reversible

    The best of both worlds. Modern black and white geo-front (triangles) and vintage floral on the back. Loving this reversible quilt. Plus, it’s SO big…this one will quickly turn into a family favourite. Pretty sure I’m making this one for us.
    Get the tutorial via Noodlehead

  • Quilted Canvas Art

    Quilted Canvas Art

    Pull it all together with this fun idea, just one of many tutorials available on the internets.
    Find the tutorial over on Crazy Mom Quilts

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