10 Great Kid’s Room Bookshelves

Before my little boy was born I was very intent on one thing, that he would have a great library. I have fond memories of my mom reading out loud to me as a child and remember getting so excited every time we headed to the library. I want my son to hopefully experience something similar and that all starts with great books.

Well, his library has certainly grown and now the problem is storage. I’m gathering ideas of how best to keep them organized while they’re still easily accessible. Here are some storage ideas for children’s books that I absolutely love.

  • Happy Entrance

    Happy Entrance

    These custom painted shelves offer a warm welcome instead of just walking into a blank wall.

    image: The Sweet Survival

  • Books as Art

    Books as Art

    Instead of covering every square inch of the wall with framed art, colorful book covers can become the art in the room.

    image: Justine Taylor

  • Corner Nook

    Corner Nook

    This little wall space between the windows could have been awkward but by adding the shelves of books, it adds a lot of interest.

    image: Holly Mathis Interiors

  • Sweet and Simple

    Sweet and Simple

    A few white photo ledges make a great holder for front facing books.

    image: Daffodil Design

  • Toddler Sized

    Toddler Sized

    You can clearly see that this little girl loves her bookshelf. The goods are easy to grab and read!

    image: Spearmint Baby

  • Custom Built

    Custom Built

    These shelves were custom made and all of the instructions can be found on Martha Stewart.

    image: Martha Stewart

  • Pink Pop

    Pink Pop

    It’s easy to customize simple spice racks by just adding color.

    image: House To Home

  • Fabric Slings

    Fabric Slings

    Instead of going with a wooden shelf, you can easily make your own with some fabric.

    image: Apartment Therapy

  • Child Height

    Child Height

    This shelf is probably a little more practical than some of the other ones since it’s at child height and the books are more contained.

    image: Apartment Therapy

  • Play Corner

    Play Corner

    I like the library feel of this corner. A great place to curl up and enjoy those books on display.

    image: KML Design

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