What to Pack in the Diaper Bag

When you have your first baby you put everything but the kitchen sink into the diaper bag. Why? You think you need all that stuff in there because that’s what every book tells you you’ll need. But what do you really need in that bag? Is it really necessary to be lugging around 40 pounds of baby paraphernalia?


stylish diaper bag

Here are my must haves (and not one thing more) when it comes to the packing of the diaper bag!

1. Diapers, wipes, wetbag (for cloth diapering folks), wipes solution (for cloth wipe users) and changing pad — These are the obvious needs, right? But how many diapers are you stuffing in there? For a newborn, when you’ll be out all day, 5-6 diapers is good (plus or minus depending on disposable vs. cloth). As baby gets older, you can take less and less. Now I usually don’t have more than 2 diapers in my bag and my baby is almost 10-months-old.

2. Bottle or nursing cover (or not!), and when babe is older – one spoon, one bib, baby food or baggy of toddler snacks. This shouldn’t take up more than a tiny amount of space in the bag.

3. Change of clothes — unless baby is a newbie, you don’t need more than one outfit unless you’ll be gone all day long.

4. Toys – don’t need more than three small toys! Also a pacifier if your baby uses one.

5. Travel size diaper cream and sunscreen

Bonus: If your diaper bag is also your bag —  your wallet, lipgloss and phone.

Seriously, nothing more is really needed, and no more than these quantities except for special circumstances like being out from morning till night. It’s so much easier to keep all this in the diaper bag packed up and ready to go when you need it, because not only will it reduce stress but it will encourage you to get out of the house more often too!

What items did I leave out? Is there anything missing here.

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