What I’ll Remember About My Baby This Summer

This morning I was in our yard playing with my two little ones and the chill in the air was unmistakable. Then, as if nature needed an exclamation point, it started to rain. In California. Yes, summer is coming to an end. But this season has served us well. It’s been filled with firsts, laughter, salt water, and magic.

Since I can’t hold on to summer, I’m holding on to the itty bitty things that felt so powerful to me. Because I’m afraid if I don’t write them down, they may just escape me the same way summer seemed to.

Amy's Summer

That picture? It’s my favorite from the past few months. It’s my baby, Pink, looking out at her brothers and dad playing in the ocean. For that one moment, everyone was completely wrapped up in the beauty of the season. The sun kissed our chilly skin, the waves brought out our raw energy, and the togetherness was perfection.

As I look back, I remember Pink’s ocean air curls. Her hair bleached blond by the sun.

I think of how in awe I’ve been of her deep tan (which everyone seems to be perplexed by when they look at the rest of us —except maybe Lenny), and the sharp contrast of the outrageously white skin in her chub creases.

I still can’t get over the farmer’s tan she has on her thighs. Not because she wore shorts, but because her sweet baby belly cast a shadow as she sat, legs out, scooting all over the place on her butt.

(Then again, considering how she resisted wearing clothes as much as possible after a few days straight of bathing suit adventures, I’m surprised she actually had tan lines.)

I laugh remembering how fearless she was near deep pools and temperamental waves. Begging for “mah” (more) and diving in, face first.

The non-stop dancing, which tended to ramp up during mealtime? Hilarious. (And messy at times.)

For some reason, she became obsessed with clothes. Clean, dirty, it didn’t matter. But as far as she was concerned, store bought toys were totally unnecessary.

Pink even had her first kiss this summer. Sure, it may have been with her grandparents’ dog, but it must have been something because she kept going back for more.

And, given the fact that we struggled so much at the beginning of the summer due to her gross motor delay, I’ll never ever forget the day we found her standing up in her crib when she woke up from her nap. She was giggling and bouncing with pride at her huge accomplishment. And the boys and I — even their friends who were here — were too.

Yes, it was a good summer. And I was so lucky to have spent it by my baby girl’s side making memories.

What little details will you remember about your baby from this summer?

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