Weekend At The G-Rents

This past weekend my soon(ish)-ish-to-be-sister-in-law (that one’s for another story folks), turned 40.

Which meant that our weekend was full of celebration and gathering and a little bit of debauchery for the parental units. All thanks to the g-rental units who did some mighty fine toddler and baby duty.

When we told our little guy (and gal), that we were going to their grandparents house for the weekend, they (well mostly the older one who understood), were chomping at the bit to get there.

They love them some quality grandparent time, probably almost as much as their grandparents do. We are so lucky to have such support, such quality grandparents in our little one’s lives. A few special moments over the years, after the jump!

  • When He Was Wee

    When He Was Wee

    Wyndham with his Pappa when he was a baby. Ooff! The heart.

  • Music Festivals

    Music Festivals

    We go to lots of festivals every summer, with both my partner and his father being musicians and all. Often, we all go together. Which is helpful and has also opened up hours of playing and bonding time.

  • When She Was Wee

    When She Was Wee

    Abby with her Grandma at her brother’s 1st birthday party last year. This was taken when she was all petit, right before she majorly chubbed out. And to think I was worried about her weight gain once upon a time ago.

  • Music Lessons

    Music Lessons

    Getting them started early, Pappa’s studio is their favourite room at their grandparents house.

  • Take Me To The Park!

    Take Me To The Park!

    Clearly, it’s what she’s saying. Put down that camera and take me to the park! At least the Grandma is happy.

  • Story-Time


    We can always trust that they are getting quality, nurturing and loving care when they stay with their grandparents. Giving them some much needed time together and us parents a little break.

  • Time To Wind-down

    Time To Wind-down

    You know – with a good glass of wine, cuddling and some not so old fashioned vegging.

  • Run Hard, Run Fast...

    Run Hard, Run Fast...

    Right into Grandma’s waiting arms. The joy in this picture slays me.

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