Traveling With Baby: Our Trip to NYC

As of last week, Beck has already been on twelve flights and he’ll add two more to his list by the end of the year. I promise we don’t usually travel this much, it’s just been a busy year. Last week we had the opportunity to go to New York City, definitely our most ambitious trip of the year. I went with my friend and her six month old so it felt a bit like traveling with twins. Here are some tips and tricks I learned along the way to make our trip a little bit smoother. Sure we ran into some comical situations but overall it was a success.

  • Book a comfortable space

    Book a comfortable space

    When we first started looking for accommodations, we were going to book a tiny room in an affordable hotel with only enough floor space for one crib. Then I checked Enrout and found an apartment instead that not only had a lot more space, it was less expensive too.

  • Give them wiggle room

    Give them wiggle room

    On the flight there, we were really lucky to have a row to ourselves. When choosing a flight, try to fly at non busy times. Then when you check in, butter up the ticket agent and ask if there’s a way you can change your seat so you have an empty one next to you. It will be so much easier on you if they have room to wiggle a bit.

  • Rent Equipment

    Rent Equipment

    We knew that we would have no free hands when traveling through the airport so decided against bringing along strollers and portable cribs and rented them instead. It worked out well to have a double stroller.

  • Naps on the go

    Naps on the go

    Be prepared for a lot of naps on the go and making a mess of any schedule you’ve set. If you’ve got a flexible baby, you’ll be surprised at how well they’ll hold up. Know that this does mean they will retire early so plan accordingly.

  • Keep them warm

    Keep them warm

    Make sure to keep them comfortable in the stroller or carrier by dressing them for the weather.

  • Give them a breather

    Give them a breather

    When you get the chance, make sure to give them a breather by taking them out of their stroller or car seat and letting them play. Beck loved having his own seat on the train.

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