Capturing the Little Moments: Top 6 Apps for Stellar iPhone Photography

I’m a social media geek. There are other terms for this, but we shan’t go there. I know there are many who rue the day so much social media came in and took over our lives, but I believe that social media is good and great. It creates community. It has this way of sustaining and nurturing it. Inspiring it. Keeping communities connected. It all depends on how one uses (or abuses) it.

The bottom line is, you don’t have to be a part of anything you don’t want to. More or less.

As a writer in the mom and pop world of parenting babies and toddlers, the air is thick with it. With sharing baby’s firsts, memories, and just the day-to-day cute. It’s impossible as a mother of 2 little nuggets, to not fall in love with it all. I get a kick out of sharing moments with the parenting community online, friends and family alike.

I SUPER dig the coin phrase, ‘there’s an app for that’. Why? Because apps make life infinitely better. Arguably sure, but I’ve already confessed to being a geek. We know this. While I surely covet my shiny Canon EOS REBEL T3 and equally shiny and fancy lenses (Sigma and Canon fan), I don’t always have to the time (or the spare hands) to grab it and snap away.

Which is why the supreme evolution of camera phones and the apps we have at our disposable to make them better than ever truly rock my word. Daily. Heck, even hourly. Check out some of my favourite camera phone apps below! (((You’re welcome)))

Capturing The Little Moments

The Cheap & The Free: My 6 Favourite iPhone Photo Apps

1. Camera Plus
A free camera app that’s compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and iPod touch. The winning cocktail includes tap and snap (touch screen anywhere to take a photo), pics automatically save to your camera roll, timer, crop (circle or or rectangular!), great filters, and social sharing plugins. Oh, and you can also take video featuring filters, pause, and time lapse video. Get it for free here, on iTunes!

2. Whitagram
You know those black bars you get when uploading a picture to instagram from your camera? The ones that show up if you don’t want to crop your photo? I don’t like ’em. This app enables you to upload portrait or lanscape shots on a crisp, clean, white background. Get it here for free on iTunes!

3. Diptic
Ever wonder how peeps make collages (the simple way) and upload them to instagram? Or anywhere? It’s this lovely little app right here. Jam packed with filters, layouts, and photo editing capabilities, this little sweetheart is the bees knees. Get it here on iTunes!

4. Colour Splash
Playful and easy to use, this app lets you play with juxtaposition, easily. You can covert images to black and white and choose which part of the image you want to keep in colour, or add in colour that wasn’t originally there. Get it here on iTunes!

5. Photo Editor by Aviary
If you are a fan of PIcMonkey (Picnic’s predecessor), then you will love this app. Stickers, text, photo-editing tools. It has everything except collage function. Which Diptic takes care of nicely. Get it here for FREE on iTunes!

6. Slow Shutter Cam
I only just discovered this one and am completely in love. Night shots are no longer the bain of my existence. Capture pictures using low light with a slow shutter speed. The kind of thing I thought only a DSLR could do. The, ‘light trail’ function is neat-o. Get it here on iTunes!

If you are really into making the most out of your iPhone camera’s ability and tap into your inner shutter-bug, you should mos’ def’ get Alli Worthington’s new book iPhone Photography: the visual guide. 

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