The Well Connected Baby

We’ve never thought much about miles in our family. I travel a lot for work and oftentimes I get to bring one or both of my girls with me. When Cody was in law school, Addie and I would take off across the country and spend weeks with family in other states. I certainly can’t say we’ve never been apart. Currently I’m in Utah with Vivi while Addie is back home in Indiana. She would be with me but she has a week long gymnastics camp that required her attendance; while she loves her grandparents, she loves the uneven bars just a little bit more sometimes.

Having a baby thousands of miles away from family made me a little nervous, what if she never knew who they were and what if they missed out on the girls’ entire childhoods? WHAT IF THEY WERE SCARED OF MY PARENTS? Never fear, video chat to the rescue. (kiss kiss Skype, love you.)

Skyping with her Sister

I have weekly Skype dates with my parents, usually on Sunday night. Coming to Utah this time around required that Vivi stay with my parents for three whole days, something that has never happened before for them or Vivi. Can you imagine if Vivi had been against the idea entirely? Thankfully Vivi took to my parents just as well as she would have taken to them if they lived down the street and I have Skype to thank for that.

Last night we still had our usual chat, but this time it was all of us talking to Addie back in Indiana. There was even a moment where just Addie and Vivi were talking and making faces at each other. I feel horrible for separating them since they are each others’ favorite toys, but at the same time I’m so glad they get one on one time with each of us and a chance to experience life as individuals and not always as sisters.

I’m so excited to see their little relationship grow, and one day when I’m old and gray hopefully it will be me on the other end of the computer screen talking to my own grandchildren.

Does the ability to video chat with far away family make the world a little smaller for you as well?

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