The Cutest Little “Boy” on the Mountain

There’s something magical about seeing kids in colorful gear running around in stark contrast to the fresh white snow. I was reminded of this last weekend when we went on a family getaway to the mountains. My boys had done this trip a couple times, and they knew all that they had to look forward to. My daughter, “Pink”, was making her first trip. We were hopeful she’d follow in her brothers’ footsteps and love the snow, but there was always the chance she’d be upset by the cold, the gear, or any number of things.

We got all geared up, and headed toward the tubing mountain. She was game, even wearing bizarrely large gloves due to a packing mishap. From the moment we sat her in the inner tube, she was ready to go. We walked her up to the top of the hill, and down she went.

Pink in tube

She laughed, she screamed, she begged for more. Yes, she loved every minute of the adventure. And all along the way, kids and adults alike commented on how cute, how brave, and how adventurous our little boy was.

Wait … our what?!

It turns out wearing her big brother’s old snow suit (and a hood over her bright pink bow) had people fooled. That, and her bold sense of adventure, I’m guessing. And while she may not be one, it’s true — our baby girl is already keeping up with the boys. And she likes it.

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