The Adventures of Bossyfinger

A few weeks ago, baby Paul developed what we’re lovingly referring to as a “bossyfinger.”

In fact, he uses his bossyfinger as one of his primary forms of communication. With force and meaning, it always gets the message across loud and clear.

Bossy needs something, STAT. And bossyfinger will point you in the right direction.

To get a clear picture of bossyfinger, you need to envision bossyfinger being accompanied by a grunt or a yell. Possibly even a couple head nods and elbow flexes. It’s effective, and it’s hilarious.

These days, baby Paul’s new name is Bossy, and Bossy will boss you around.

15 Adventures of Bossyfinger:

  • Thumbsuck Bossy

    Thumbsuck Bossy

    It’s early in the morning, but Bossyfinger Boy will boss you around Target, sucking his thumb.

  • Captain Bossypants

    Captain Bossypants

    Captain Bossypants will boss you around wearing a cape.

  • Popcicle Bossy

    Popcicle Bossy

    Bossyfinger likes popcicles very much. Bossy wants a second popcicle STAT.

  • Breakfast Bossy

    Breakfast Bossy

    Bossyfinger will boss you around, while eating his morning yogurt.

  • Destructo Bossy

    Destructo Bossy

    Bossyfinger will boss you around the grocery store, then get angry with you and take down an end cap display at checkout when you refuse to buy him a snack.

  • Hangry Bossy

    Hangry Bossy

    Bossyfinger will refuse to eat his dinner. Then insist on eating his sister’s dinner.

  • Screentime Bossy

    Screentime Bossy

    Bossyfinger will boss that internet kitty around.

  • Haircut Bossy

    Haircut Bossy

    Bossyfinger will boss you around the backyard, while he gets pampered.

  • Boys only Bossy

    Boys only Bossy

    Now that dad’s home from work, Bossyfinger wants mom to get out of the kitchen.

  • Bossy wont budge

    Bossy wont budge

    Bossyfinger wants you to fetch him his ball while he relaxes in the grass.

  • Bossy hates the paparazzi

    Bossy hates the paparazzi

    Bossyfinger wants that camera to get out of his face.

  • Bossy needs a snack

    Bossy needs a snack

    Bossy sees those pretzels over there. Bossy wants you to bring him a few when you get a minute.

  • Bossy wants a balloon

    Bossy wants a balloon

    Bossy wants that balloon at checkout. Bossy will make a scene until Bossy gets one.

  • Dapper Bossy

    Dapper Bossy

    Bossyfinger will pose for a photo, after his backyard haircut.

  • Flying Bossy

    Flying Bossy

    Bossyfinger wants his sister to push him higher! HIGHER!

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