Taking Your Baby to a Music Festival

Or a concert.

There may be some naysayers on this one. But as the wifey to a musician I stand strong on my front.

Which is to say that obviosuly not all venues are appropriate for babies and toddlers, but music festivals? The ones where they have children’s music and programming, too?

I think that means we can bring them. There is one item that I could not have done without, with all the concert-going that we do as a family. Find out what it is after the jump!
'Festivaling' With Babies

Little babies ears are super sensitive and I wanted to make sure they were protected. As you can see, wearing them also aided in nap-time and come in extra handy when we camp at festivals to wear at night when there might be some jamming happening outside close to our tent.

Sound-Proof Ear-Muffs

You can find those awesome earphones, in an array of candy-like colours, right here.

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