Swinging into the Spring of Things

I made a bold move yesterday and packed away our snow pants and heavy winter coats. This winter has definitely been a doozie, and I simply couldn’t bear to look at our winter gear one single more day.

Truth be told, these past 5 months have been extremely hard on the whole family both physically and emotionally, as we’re all trying to recover from a gigantic case of cabin fever, due to what felt like a never-ending marathon of a winter.

But, BUT! It seems as if the cold and snow is slowly making it’s final exit, and spring has officially arrived. I’m giddy with excitement to finally be able to get some (warmer) fresh air into our daily routine.


The person I’m most excited to share these next couple months with is baby Paul. Technically, this is his second spring, being born 14 months ago. But in my opinion, it’s his first spring season where he can really enjoy being outside exploring.

You see, last year he was just an infant who couldn’t yet eat his lunch off a picnic blanket or crawl through the soft green grass. Instead, his days outside were spent bundled up sleeping in the stroller, or tucked away out of view thanks to a babywearing wrap or sling.

But this year? It’s a brand new world, and it’s exciting to watch him explore every corner of the playground, literally not leaving a stone unturned. So as weather permits, we’re building a little quality park time into each day, typically in those moments of time after naps but before dinner.

No question, Paul’s favorite activity at the park is to be pushed in the swing, high (but not too high) into the blue sky where he has a birds-eye view of his older siblings playing. And when he’s not swinging, he wants to be included with the big kids, chasing after a  soccer ball or attempting to pop a bubble one of his siblings has blown into the breeze.

Ugh, finally being able to play outside without 100 layers of snow gear on is so refreshing. We’re happier, and we sleep better because of it. We might get a little more dirty, and bath time surely comes comes more frequently, but it’s beyond worth it.

Dear spring, we are ecstatic to finally have you arrive! We’re getting into the swing of things around here, so please don’t leave too soon, OK?

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