Spending One-On-One Time With Your Little Ones

It’s funny I never really thought that spending time with a child individually would be so beneficial to a relationship. I imagined that I would go places with all my children at all times and as siblings they would always be together. Although both of those points are true, I’ve learned that spending one-on-one time with your kids is so incredibly beneficial and can make all the difference in the way they communicate with you as a parent and with their peers.

This past year I’ve traveled alone with my son on several business trips. Between airports, taxi cabs and hotel rooms, we’ve had lots of time to play, chat, read books and tour cities together. Just him and his mama.


As the baby (and the youngest), he is always in the middle of some kind of action. Whether it be playing with his sisters or grocery shopping, we are always in the midst of a whirlwind of activity. Spending one-on-one time with my son has given me a new perspective on his personality, likes and dislikes.

Honestly it’s been grand.

I’ve started to do the same with my girls. Treating my eldest to a lunch ‘date’ just her and I, picking her up from school by myself and having a conversation on the way home has made me feel closer to her than ever before. I’ve also noticed that she’s been able to open up to me now more than ever.

My 3-year-old has thrived with our newly adopted plan as well. She is a hugger and loves to cuddle, so I make sure we have time to do just that.

Each child has their own set of needs and every one is different. I think one-on-one time is incredibly beneficial for mom, baby and child. Take note, this isn’t just for moms! One-on-one time with dad is just as important. :)

Do you ever spend one-on-one time with your kids?

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