Six Umbrella Strollers from Disney

Like many families with small children, we don’t really leave home without a stroller. In the beginning, we always took the travel system so we can could move our sleeping baby in and out of the car without getting her out of the carseat, but now that she’s older, we find ourselves reaching more and more frequently for the umbrella stroller.

At six months old, Ani is stable enough to sit up in the umbrella stroller and she loves being able to look around. And I love how lightweight and compact it is. It’s the perfect stroller for a jaunt to mailbox, an after-dinner family walk, or when I just need to zip quickly into a store and pick up one or two things. We can easily swap it between our two car trunks, and I can carry it and my baby up the stairs to our apartment without worrying that I’ll drop one (or both!).

Disney Baby has six darling umbrella strollers, all of which include a sun shade, which is absolutely necessary in the summer sun!


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