Road Tripping with Baby: The Toy & Entertainment Edition

We’ve been traveling quite a bit over the last few weeks. Road tripping with baby and his two siblings from one end of Ontario to the other, Michigan, and back again. Our road trips will be frequent during the summer months, so I’ve been experimenting with various tricks to keep the kids busy and happy during those long hauls.

Our family vehicle doesn’t have a DVD player in it. We actually opted out of one as it was a personal preference. I wanted our kids to be visually aware of their surroundings, to read, play, and entertain themselves without the need of electronic stimulation. Because of this, we’ve had to switch things up on a frequent basis as my kids are still quite young.

My son does well with cars and small toys, in fact he could entertain himself for hours with these colorful and entertaining play things. Here are 13 of our favorite picks for babies.

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