Readers’ Magical Disney Moments

There’s just no stopping that Disney magic from touching even the littlest of characters. From stuffed animals and toys, to characters and rides, here are a few of our readers’ kids soaking it all up.

  • Once Upon a Time...

    Once Upon a Time...

    A mouse, a princess, a cowboy…whatever it was, a little piece of Disney made them smile. And now you get to enjoy it too.

  • Round and Round

    Round and Round

    Disney Baby blogger, Janssen, said that her precious baby girl was all smiles on King Arthur’s Carousel — at just ten months old.

  • Larger Than Life

    Larger Than Life

    While Brooke’s little guy was a bit older for his first Disneyland trip, there’s no doubt seeing Mickey was a big hit.

  • 1, 2, 3 ...

    1, 2, 3 ...

    Amy’s sweet girl may have had a special thing for Snow White, but that didn’t stop her from giving Minnie love too.

  • Taking Off

    Taking Off

    Since Big’s first Christmas, he’s been taking on the world with his buddy, Tigger.

  • A Royal Reception

    A Royal Reception

    During Rachel’s daughter’s first visit to Disneyland, all she wanted to do was meet Belle. When she finally did, Belle exclaimed, “We’re twins!” She told everyone that story for weeks. (Which, of course, made Disneyland even more magical for Rachel as a mom!)

  • Little Buddies

    Little Buddies

    Leslie’s precious guy kept a little piece of mouse-ear magic by his side.

  • Minnie Smiles

    Minnie Smiles

    Simona’s daughter’s mouse obsession started over a year ago. She had a Minnie and Mickey birthday party and was Minnie Mouse last Halloween. She still adores anything and everything Minnie today!

  • Princess Fever

    Princess Fever

    Kimberly, of Pier to Peer, says her daughter loves everything Disney princess. Including her little brother.

  • Spinning Giggles

    Spinning Giggles

    While Suzanne admits to questioning Disney-mania before her family trip to Disney World, she says she actually teared up watching her little girl in those infamous tea cups.

  • He's Gotta Friend

    He's Gotta Friend

    While Little was obsessed with the Hot Dog Dance on his 1st birthday, by birthday #2 he was all about that quirky cowboy. From his cake, to his talking doll, to his pjs, there was no doubt Woody was his sidekick.

  • The Round Up

    The Round Up

    While there was one outlaw, Jenny, of Jenny Lee Photography, had her boys and their cousins dress up as their Disney favorites. (Proof that some Disney babies don’t ever grow up…how great is that?)

  • To Infinity ... And Beyond

    To Infinity ... And Beyond

    Ranya of Style My Heart said her little princess celebrated her 1st birthday riding in style as Snow White — and rocking the shades.

    Photo courtesy of Style My Heart.

  • Just Keep Chewing

    Just Keep Chewing

    Randy’s baby boy is always happy when he finds Nemo.

When did your little one first experience the magic?

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