9 Tips for When You Take Baby to the Pumpkin Patch

Everyone talks about it, families rave about it, but I had yet to experience it myself until last weekend. What on earth am I talking about, you ask? The pumpkin patch!

Our last trip to the apple orchard inspired me to hit the road again – this time to the pumpkin patch. I buckled up all three kids and took the 2 1/2 hour drive to Sturgeon Falls, which just happens to be the closest pumpkin patch to our home. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much. Some pumpkins (of course), hay bales to climb on and a bunch of fun photo opportunities was what I had in mind. Turns out there was quite a bit more than just that and we ended up staying the entire day.

Definitely consider taking your baby (or your baby belly) to the pumpkin patch this weekend! Here are some reasons why I think you will all have an absolute blast!

  • Call Ahead

    Call Ahead

    Find out what kind of activities are planned during the day. Your local farm may have special events planned on the weekend and you may want to play your day around those events.

  • Bundle Up Baby

    Bundle Up Baby

    Even though the weather was quite warm, I dressed the kids in coats and good shoes ‘just in case’. We walked through lots of dirt, hay and gravel so party shoes wouldn’t have worked very well.

  • Bring Your Camera

    Bring Your Camera

    This is a no-brainer, but I just had to mention it anyways. Babies and pumpkins are a match made in heaven! There were also quite a few expectant mamas visiting the patch and taking photos with their significant others. Plenty of wonderful memories are made here, so be sure you have a way to document them all!

  • Make New Friends

    Make New Friends

    Giant turkeys, dogs, babies and toddlers. Oh, the friends we met ;). Be sure to say hi and make friends. My girls had a blast with the other children there, while my son was taken with all the animals. The wide-eyed look is priceless!

  • Leave Room For Treats

    Leave Room For Treats

    Our local pumpkin patch offered marshmallow roasting for the kids and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies were handed out while they decorated pumpkins. There was also a bakery inside where you could purchase homemade pies and turnovers. Needless to say there was plenty to munch on!

  • Enjoy The Otherwise

    Enjoy The Otherwise "Missed" Moments

    After taking a hay ride across the farm we were dropped off at a wooded area where the kids could play. My son put his hands through the dirt more times than I could count, but loved being in a different surrounding. We checked out the teepees and my daughter played on the swing near the treehouse. Sometimes the most simple things can be the most rewarding.

  • Take Your Time

    Take Your Time

    Don’t rush. Enjoy all the sweet moments. My son was completely enamoured with the bright colors of the pumpkins, as well as the different sounds and elements surrounding him. He would have happily played in the pile of pumpkins all day if he could. We arrived around 1:30 p.m. and it was hard to find a parking spot. If your local pumpkin patch has lots to offer, consider packing a lunch and making a day of it.

  • Pick a Pumpkin For Baby

    Pick a Pumpkin For Baby

    Choosing the perfect pumpkin is a fun activity all its own. There are also plenty of ‘mini’ pumpkins lying around so be sure you let your little one pick out their own. They may have a special pumpkin decorating activity going on for your kids as well, so be sure to ask!

  • Have Fun!

    Have Fun!

    Fun is an absolute given! ;)

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