Our Weekend Getaway

Road tripping with a baby who hates her car seat seemed daunting at first, but after a particularly cold and rainy spring, Ken and I were feeling the itch to inject some sunlight into our lives. Here in the Midwest, that means traveling to the lake for some much-needed rest, relaxation and rejuvenation (as much as is possible with a 9-month-old who still fights naps and sleep regularly, that is!). So last weekend, we packed up the car, cooler and bags and made the trek to a friend’s cottage for a weekend of no make-up, no technology – and, perhaps most importantly, no itinerary whatsoever.

weekend getaway


There was alfredo making and guitar singing and dinner burning and beach combing, and it was the perfect weekend in every possible way. Yet now that we’re home, what I love most wasn’t the experience itself, but what it taught me about this treasured season of life.

Traveling with a baby is difficult. (Heck, daily life with a baby is difficult!) There are unknown territories and new surroundings and moments of “How are we going to get her to sleep here?” But something beautiful happens when you’re plucked from your surroundings and forced to think on your toes, exercising the creative muscles of parenting that are growing stronger by the day. It’s as if we’re surrendering the very little control we do have and agreeing to just be. We’re creating intentional moments with our family – moments that will live as snapshots long after the everyday photos have faded into the background.

And sure, Bee won’t remember the smell of the lakeside or the touch of warm sand. But we will – and we’ll share it with her someday (along with the recipe for that fantastic alfredo sauce). Here’s to blazing trails and making memories along the way, dear friends. I wish happy trails for each of you!

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