Our First Pumpkin Patch

Like every other family on the planet we took our baby to the pumpkin patch. And even though you’ve probably already seen about 18,000 photos of babies with pumpkins, I like to think my baby is pretty cute and you just might want to see her with some pumpkins too.

  • Our First Pumpkin Patch

    Our First Pumpkin Patch

    One cannot go to the pumpkin patch without getting the obligatory photo of their child perched on some pumpkins, because it’s just so darn cute.

  • Mommy/Baby photo opp

    Mommy/Baby photo opp

    The closest we could get to a posed photo where both of us were looking at the camera and it wasn’t completely blurry.

  • Grammy Photo opp

    Grammy Photo opp

    Fern loves her Grandmas!

  • Making friends

    Making friends

    Fern was interested in the fluffy little chicks, but alas wanted to squeeze the life out of them with her kung fu grip so we stuck to a “look, don’t touch” policy.

  • Moo!


    There were two baby cows that were super adorable and Fern got to feed them some hay. She was slightly skeptical of these giant dog-like creatures though and I’m pretty sure she was wondering why she couldn’t tap on it to make it moo like her “Peekaboo Barn” app.

  • Cock-a-doodle-doo!


    The roosters were the favorite of the day and she probably would’ve sat their and listened to them crow all day if we’d let her.

  • Choosing a winner

    Choosing a winner

    Fern seemed to like this pumpkin. It really was pretty. Too bad it was $9. Most expensive pumpkin ever, but totally worth it.


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