Our Champion Traveler

My family and I spent the past week in Kansas City, visiting family and friends. It was high time that Elvie was introduced to so many that are near and dear to us, and it was a wonderful trip. I would say that regardless, as we had waited so long to be able to travel with Elvie that simply doing it was fantastic, but it also turns out that Elvie is a champion traveler. We had no idea how she’d do, as we hadn’t traveled with her since we brought her home from Ethiopia nine months ago, under very different circumstances. It was such a relief that she did so well.

I’d like to pretend that it’s because of our parenting prowess that she traveled so well and was well-behaved on flights in particular, but mostly it was her sunny disposition and willingness to make friends that made it so easy. There was one thing, however, that we did to ensure that flights went smoothly. We can take credit for that.


Because none of us are morning people, we planned our flights for afternoon, which also allowed us to simply push back Elvie’s nap a bit so that she was sleepy when we boarded. We had her usual bedtime companions with us – her lovey, Lamby, her blanket, her pacifier, and her favorite goodnight song – so when it was time to sleep, she understood what she was supposed to do and just relaxed and did it. On our flight into Kansas City, she fell asleep as we were taking off. On the flight back home to San Francisco, she fell asleep as we taxied towards the runway. She didn’t sleep the whole time either flight, but when she was awake, she was easy to pacify, and she charmed everyone sitting close by.

There are many things about Elvie that make me feel like we hit the jackpot when she joined our family, and having her be such a good traveler is a fantastic bonus. It made the trip a breeze, and there was no anxiety as we packed up to head back home; I knew that Elvie would be just fine in flight. I know that Elvie won’t be a baby forever, and she will likely grow out of falling asleep while flying, but I am going to treasure these days while I can. We have a few excursions planned in the coming months, and I can’t wait to take her on our next trip.

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