On Wearing Your Babies

I never really gave too much thought before Huck was born to whether or not I’d be a baby wearing mama. I even avoided making stroller decisions until the last possible second; it didn’t seem like it was that crucial of a decision for me to have to make. His method of transportation was the least pressing thing on my mind.

And then he was born and I realized that, living in NYC, getting him from place to place wasn’t a foregone conclusion. There were so many options! Luckily, my mother had bought me a wrap so I could wear Huck around town. In those first few weeks we never took it off. I was surprised by how fiercely I loved that wrap.


Huck was a late fall/winter baby, and our little wrap was like a dream come true. I could snuggle him close and then wear my warmest coat and feel like he was completely safe and protected from the bitter cold. I carried him around all day in it with ease (the only trouble being that sometimes my milk would let down completely uncalled for because of the pressure of his body against my chest).

And then he got fat. And heavy. And the wrap stopped feeling so comfortable. I started to look into more structured carriers. By then it was summer, and wearing him around became uncomfortable for a different reason: it was SO HOT. And sweaty. And our body heat mingling together, tummy to tummy, was too much. As soon as he was big enough, I switched our carrier to the rear position. I couldn’t see him as easily, and it hampered our conversations – baby wearing is prime for carrying on long and silly conversations with your six-month-olds ;) – but it was such an improvement in temperature.

And now he’s nearly two. We keep a ring sling close by for traveling (he’s still not too big to snuggle in for a long nap on mama’s chest during plane rides) and a structured pack for long walks around town when a stroller is too inconvenient. And I’m so looking forward to (hopefully) having another baby soon, so I can begin the journey all over again. Wearing your baby is such a treat.

Tell me, do you wear your babies? What have been your favorite wraps, carriers, or slings? I’d love to know!

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