On Believing All the Way

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.
~ Walt Disney

Yesterday I was looking at Disney merchandise online and came across a plaque. On it was the above mentioned quote by Walt Disney.  I didn’t think much about it and continued going about my day. But this morning, as I finished packing to attend my very first blog conference, Walt Disney’s words came back to my mind. I thought about my husband and how, despite traveling with me while my mother takes care of our furry baby, this would be the first time that he acted as the primary caretaker for our daughters for an extended period of time.

trusting in daddy's abillity to take care of baby

If you read about my long goodbye it goes without saying that I don’t get out much. While my husband is very hands-on when it comes to our children, I’m the one who spends the most time with them, caring for our littlest love daily while I work from home.


Occasionally I worry that he will have a hard time — that Lola might cry and he won’t know how to soothe her. I worry that he may not know to reach for her baby doll or to sway instead of rock. I have to remind myself that they will be just fine. Lola will be just fine. She’s with her daddy and while in his arms she is learning that he can meet her needs as well. He may do it differently than I do, but his heart’s desire is the same as mine — to make sure that her tiny heart is comforted as well.

I believe in my husband. I speak often to the fact that I think he is a great father. But if I truly believe in him, then I need to believe in him all the way. I need to trust that he will find a way to comfort our girls, just as he always manages to find a way to comfort me when I need it most. I need to trust that he can handle navigating places with strollers, diaper bags, and car seats. I need to understand that him doing things differently than I do doesn’t mean one of us is more equipped than the other or one person has it all wrong. Just as our children are my world, they are his world too.

So this weekend, as I go from panel discussion to panel discussion, I will resist the urge to text him every 30 minutes asking how the girls are and what Lola is doing (because what if she starts crawling and I’m not there?!). Instead I will wait until my lunch break, and during that time I will believe in the man in whom I had so much faith in that I couldn’t help but say “I do.” And I will believe all the way.

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