Not What I Signed Up For

In our area, there’s a wonderful gymnastics center that has classes for kids as young as 12 months old. Both of my boys did it when they were younger, and I have such fond memories of them jumping on the trampoline, crawling through tunnels, and laughing their way through class.

Since “Pink” didn’t walk until ~17 months, and is still rather unstable on her feet at 20 months, I knew signing her up was a leap. But, in my eyes, this class is a rite of toddlerhood passage. We just had to do it together.

I’ve taken her to class two times. The first time, this is what she did:

sleepy time

Yes, she got cozy on the trampoline. It didn’t get much more exciting from there.

Today, well, she livened things up a bit.


Look closely for her disco fingers in action. Yes, she danced at each rotation. The trampoline? A dance floor. The ball/parachute area? A dance floor. The mats? A dance floor.

The good news? At least I know what to sign her up for when gymnastics is over!

What’s your favorite Mommy & Me class for little ones?

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