My First Trip To The Ocean (A Photo Journal)

We went on a little staycation to the west coast (of Florida) this month. It was our son’s first trip to the ocean and as a true Florida baby he loved it. (Well, he loved everything except sand in his suit. Which… can you blame him?) We took a ton of photos and our son put together a little photo diary of his first trip to the beach to share with you all. Hope you like it…

  • My First Trip To The Ocean

    My First Trip To The Ocean

    Hi everyone! My name is Cadence. I’m 8 months old and this is my trip to see the ocean for the first time.

  • I'm Adorable and I Know It

    I'm Adorable and I Know It

    I don’t mean to brag, but I look pretty good in a bright orange bathing suit. Maybe it’s all the squats I do when I’m playing with my toys. Maybe it’s my super healthy diet. Whatever the case, the ladies couldn’t look away all weekend!

  • No More Pictures Please

    No More Pictures Please

    My Mamaw bought me this floaty raft to play in the pool. It was pretty cool. But everyone wouldn’t stop taking my picture. Come on people, I’m here all weekend, let’s just have fun!

  • Can I Eat This?

    Can I Eat This?

    I can get on board with this raft. The pool is cool. The sun is warm. And I’ve got all kinds of brightly colored foam toys to chew on. Ah… this is the life.

  • Soaking Up The Shade

    Soaking Up The Shade

    I didn’t even get sunburned at all, even though my mom worried about it the whole time. My super cool swim shirt and the shade of my raft kept me cool all day long!

  • Me and my Daddy

    Me and my Daddy

    Daddy loved floating with me in the pool and floated with me for a long time. Except he kept kissing me. And his beard tickles. Again with the photos mom?

  • Pretty Little Treasures

    Pretty Little Treasures

    Mamaw loves collecting tiny sea shells. She found these while I was there. Even though Mamaw always spoils me, she wouldn’t let me chew on the shells. Something about them being “icky”.

  • This Place is BIG!

    This Place is BIG!

    Daddy took me in the ocean for the very first time! It was the perfect temperature. I could see shiny fish go underneath us. He kept me safe from the waves. I loved the ocean!

  • My Favorite Place

    My Favorite Place

    Mom wanted to take me into the ocean too. We dipped down into the water. It was warmer than the pool. I think I liked the ocean the best. I got quiet and just listened to all the sounds.

  • The Best Vacation Ever

    The Best Vacation Ever

    We had a great time at the beach! I was sad to go home. Mom even dressed me up for dinner one night. Daddy says this is his new favorite picture. It’s probably because I look so cute in it.


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