My 10 Favorite Beach Baby Pictures

My family loves the beach and we’re not afraid to go a few times each year. And given that we’ve had so many babies come through our delightful little farm system the past few years, we sure have had a lot of beach baby photo ops. As such, we’ve captured quite a few memories with our lenses, including this past trip.

In fact, it was the act of downloading the most recent set of pictures just yesterday that inspired me to revisit some classic baby pics of the triplets. And in so doing, I thought it’d be fun to post my 10 favorite beach baby pictures over the past few years.


(Note — I was unable to view beach baby pictures of my oldest because (a) she’s my stepdaughter and I wasn’t on the scene for her first few beach trips and (b) my wife’s not the most digitally advanced person in the world, so all of Alli’s pictures are in a scrapbook. I only point that out because I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I purposely excluded my oldest. I love her to pieces and would never do that to her.)

Disclaimers aside, here are my 10 favorite baby beach pictures from my family. Hope you enjoy:


  • Beach trips

    Beach trips

    Get it? Beach *trips*? Oh, never mind. That picture was taken the first time our tiny trio touched the saltwater. And they took to it from word “go.”

  • A tiny three beside a great big sea

    A tiny three beside a great big sea

    I love this shot. There’s really nothing else to say about it. Except, I suppose, that it was my screensaver forever and ever.

  • Shiny happy person

    Shiny happy person

    Little Kirby’s smile always could light up a room. We quickly discovered it could do the same thing to a beach.

  • The plane! The plane!

    The plane! The plane!

    Whenever Sam heard or saw a plane, he’d point his little finger up to the sky. Much to our amusement.

  • Jack being Jack

    Jack being Jack

    But as amusing as both Kirby and Sam were, it was Jack who constantly kept us in stitches. There was just something so funny about how he interacted with the beach!

  • Biker baby

    Biker baby

    But he didn’t have to be on the beach to crack us up. He could have been anywhere that trip — like on the back of my bike!

  • Luke's turn

    Luke's turn

    But now Jack must stand back and let Luke steal the show, as he’s doing here while Luke makes sure the beach knows he appreciates it with a clap of his hands.

  • A mama and her baby

    A mama and her baby

    But he’s not always clapping. Sometimes he’s executing his trademark gaze over his mama’s shoulder.

  • Wait. Where's my...

    Wait. Where's my...

    Luke might be looking down with a bit of anxiety thanks to the parents of the year who forgot to pack his bathing suit for their BEACH TRIP. (Unreal.) At least we remembered swim diapers, right?

  • My very favorite

    My very favorite

    But my very favorite picture is this one because it features all five of our babies at the beach. And, um, Luke? You might wanna ease up on your grip of Mommy’s bathing suit. This being a family site and all.

So that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the slideshow. Do you and your family ever get out to the beach?

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