Medical Emergencies Aren’t Adorable… Unless You’re Elvie

It all started out so well; I planned a trip to New York City to visit friends in the area and show my girls around the city, and we were having a marvelous time. While my six-year-old was interested in seeing the sights, Elvie just took the new city as a brand new place to make lots more friends. She smiled and waved and said hi to just about everyone who would engage in eye contact. We spent a full day seeing everything from Grand Central Station to the Statue of Liberty, and when we got in that evening, I thought she was just tired from our big day. She went to sleep a bit early, but I wasn’t alarmed. It wasn’t until she woke at 1am, sick, that I knew there was a problem.

From 1am to 5am, I held her, wiped her face, tried to get her comfortable, but finally knew that this wasn’t just going to pass in the night, like many viruses do. I knew there was probably more to it. So off to urgent care we went, only to ultimately be admitted to the hospital; Elvie had one of her trademark UTIs, and because of her complicated medical history, the doctor didn’t want to take any chances. It was a huge bummer, and it changed the trajectory of the remainder of our trip. Still, as tough as it was, Elvie held on to her spunk and her spirit. If I were in the hospital being treated for a major infection, I would definitely not look this adorable. But Elvie? Well, she just can’t help it. Here are fifteen photos of Elvie keeping it adorable for her hospital stay.

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