Making the Car Ride More Enjoyable

If my toddler is in the car, she almost always wants me to tell her a story.

And I am TERRIBLE at making up stories. I could read books aloud all day long, but making up my own story? A recipe for the most nonsensical (and not in a funny, Dr. Seuss kind of way) story you can possibly imagine.

So when I discovered that my library had a small selection of picture books accompanied by CDs, I was ecstatic. Someone ELSE could read to my child while we drove to the grocery store or to preschool or to get gas.


Over the last six months, we’ve checked out most of the library’s collection. We pick three or four each week, she listens to them nearly every time we’re in the car, and by the next week, when she’s tired of them, we pick out new ones.

She happily listens to the stories, I can think about whatever I want, and sometimes we even sit in front of our home while the story finishes up (while I read my mail or sneak a few pages of my own book).

Car books

And I’m no longer forced to make up stories about Harry the Hippo (the hero Ella almost always wants the story to be about) and his Valentine’s Day adventures. What a relief!

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