Hunting For Our First Family Christmas Tree

I’ve always loved traditions, and even before our baby came along I always looked forward to making these times special. But, now that Fern is here I’m even more excited about starting new traditions as a family and making the holidays special and this weekend we kicked off our holiday season by heading out to hunt for our very first family Christmas tree! It was always fun doing this with my husband, but even more magical to do it with our little lady.

  • Setting out for adventure

    Setting out for adventure

    Fern and her daddy looking high and low for the perfect tree and she’s enjoying her piggy back transportation while they look.

  • We found a winner!

    We found a winner!

    Searching for a Christmas tree is a lot like shopping for a new T.V. because you always end up getting a bigger one than you actually intended, but this gigantic tree was definitely the perfect one for us.

  • Family photo opp

    Family photo opp

    We stopped along the way for a little family photo opp. Good thing my husband perfected his one-arm photo taking skills long before Fern came along.

  • Her new best friend

    Her new best friend

    On the drive home Fern “held hands” with the tree the entire way – she was so enamored with it – and when I put her down for her nap when we got home her little hand smelled like pine tree loveliness. It was the sweetest! All in all we had wonderful tree hunting success and I can’t wait to continue this family tradition for many years to come!

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