Soaking Up the Final Days of Summer with Baby Z

My little Baby Z absolutely loves water in every shape and form. During our recent family vacation, she got to soak up the final days of summer. She will do just about anything to get her hands on water. I can only imagine how much more she would have loved water if her home birth was a water birth! Outside of traditional water play in a pool, she got to go to the lake, the aquarium, and visit a theme park with a water park feature. Wherever she went, she took to the water like a little fish.


  • At the Lake

    At the Lake

    During the summer we took a trip to a near by lake where we jet skied, barbequed, and hung out under the stars. Zaynab loved all the water that surrounded us. At one point we spent nearly two hours just sitting in a shallow end of the lake as she poured water out of a pail.

  • On the Dock

    On the Dock

    Sitting on the dock, kicking her feet in the chilling water was a refreshing way to cool off during the heat of the day.

  • At the Aquarium

    At the Aquarium

    My little fishie felt right at home at the aquarium. She would have swam with the baby ray if she could have just only gotten herself over the edge. She loved being able to touch the starfish in their watery habitat later on in the day.

  • Making Waves

    Making Waves

    One the most exciting parts of the aquarium is walking through a glass tunnel in which waves crash over. It gave Z a new chance to experience the water without getting wet.

  • Cooling Off Together

    Cooling Off Together

    After a hot and tiring day at the theme park, Z loved finding a water fountain to splash around in with her little buddy.

  • In a Water Fountain

    In a Water Fountain

    Z was as happy as could be splashing in the water fountain. It’s safe to say that it was her most favorite part of the entire day spent at the theme park.

  • At the Water Park

    At the Water Park

    Although I was unprepared for this aspect of the theme park, we made it work. Stripping down to just her diaper — wish I had Huggies Swimmers on hand! — Z had a blast running through the spouts of water. The mini geysers were just right for my little toddler.

  • Water Drops

    Water Drops

    Baby Z did anything she could to get her hands on water this summer. We had a wet and splash worthy time and look forward to making many more waves in the summers to come.

In what ways did your little water baby soak up this summer?

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