How to Stay Cool with Baby in the Summer


In nearly every corner of the country there is a heat wave going on this summer, and chances are you aren’t being spared. It can get hot so early in the day that outdoor activities like going for a walk or playing in the backyard are basically not possible, much less safe.
keeping cool with baby in the summer

I live in Phoenix, so we have to get really creative when finding things to do to keep cool. It gets trickier when you have a baby (and even more tricky when they’re cruising all over!).

Check out these fun ideas for staying active and keeping cool with your baby. Enjoy!

1. Head to the library – Libraries usually have several activities for babies and great kid areas for babies to explore. Plus – free a/c!

2. Check out the children’s museum – Many larger cities have a children’s museum, and when we discovered that our local children’s museum had a baby section in every exhibit as well as a big huge dedicated baby and toddler room – I was so excited! Social time with other babies, learning and discovering and, yep, lots of a/c.

3. Walk the mall – I know, usually the “walkers” at the mall are the old folks, right? But who cares! It’s fun to window shop (early Christmas shopping anyone), and it’s a place you can walk with baby in a stroller, in air conditioning, and even go kinda fast and burn some calories while you’re at it.

4. Find a splash pad – If your baby is crawling or walking she might have some fun at a place that has a splash pad. Where we live they have these at outdoor shopping centers. You show up in a suit and get wet. Lots of fun for kids and a nice introduction to water play.

5. Hit the movies – If your baby is younger you can still very easily go see movies (especially matinee showtimes!) and have your baby sleep right though the flick. If your baby is older look for programs in your area that have movie days for parents to bring babies and you won’t mind it if your little one fusses a bit. I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in over 6 months, so this idea is something I’ll be trying asap!

How do you keep cool with baby during the hot summer


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