Funny Baby and Santa Photos

What’s not to love about Santa? He’s jolly, he’s cushion-y, he even brings you presents. Well, try explaining that to a baby. While some are fascinated by the man in the red suit, others aren’t so sure. Here are some classic photos of babies visiting Santa. Ho, ho, ho!

  • It's That Time of Year

    It's That Time of Year

    One time a year, we thrust our kids into the arms of a somewhat scary stranger and expect great things. Here’s what we really get…

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  • Ho, Ho, Noooo!

    Ho, Ho, Noooo!

    Amber’s little girl was wishing those reindeer would quit standing there and fire up the sleigh to take Santa far, far away.

    Photo courtesy of Amber of Healthy Body Healthy Life.

  • Sweet as a Cookie

    Sweet as a Cookie

    Chris’s baby boy only had eyes for Santa. And it’s no surprise the feeling seemed mutual.

  • A Surprise Visit

    A Surprise Visit

    Honestly, I don’t know whose face is more priceless in this shot.

    Photo courtesy of Disney Baby’s Andrea of For the Love Of…

  • Better Not Shout, I'm Telling You Why

    Better Not Shout, I'm Telling You Why

    While Nicola’s older son seemed to know he needed to be on his best behavior with the big guy, her baby was having none of it.

  • Naughty and Nice

    Naughty and Nice

    Michele’s grandkids were on opposites sides of Santa — literally and figuratively. I’m pretty sure the little guy won’t forgive his big sis any time soon for telling him this was going to be fun.

  • Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster

    Sometimes being the baby isn’t so bad after all. In this case, big brother is the one who knows better.

    Photo courtesy of Disney Baby’s Casey of CaseyLeigh.

  • This One's For the Folks

    This One's For the Folks

    Dad was so excited to see Santa, he ended up wearing mom’s purse. The kids, well, they’re not impressed.

    Photo courtesy of Disney Baby’s Selena of le petit reve.

  • It Could Be Worse

    It Could Be Worse

    One happy baby plus one slightly terrified little girl beat Rachel’s photo from the year before. You know, the one with her baby girl in Santa’s chair by herself because she wouldn’t have anything to do with the crazy guy.

  • I'd Be Scared Too

    I'd Be Scared Too

    While Rachel’s daughter has learned to love this photo op — and baby brother couldn’t agree more — her little brother seems to have the right idea. I mean do you see the look on Santa’s face?

  • Is That Beard Real?

    Is That Beard Real?

    My now 6-year old in 2006. I’m pretty sure if he could have talked, he would have had a lot of questions.

  • Scared and Alone

    Scared and Alone

    My middle kid. 2009. As if having to sit here weren’t bad enough, his big brother refused to get anywhere near Santa, so Little had to go it alone. It didn’t go so well.

  • Ho, Ho, Hum

    Ho, Ho, Hum

    My kids again. 2011. My boys didn’t plan to be in the picture (which explains the clothes), but they decided to help out and hopped in. Yep, big help, boys. Big help.

Have you taken your baby to visit Santa? How did it go?

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