Fun With Little Ones: Treasure Walk

I am finding an entirely new joy in having a toddler. Having an infant was wonderful in its own rite, but toddlers are seriously magical and I am in awe of all of the new experiences and little moments I am able to have with Fern now. It seems like every day she is growing and changing and becoming her own little person and it’s so much fun. But, with that fun comes a whole lot more energy, which means a whole lot more work for mama to keep her entertained. Check out a favorite activity as of late: treasure walks!

  • Fun With Little Ones: Treasure Walk

    Fun With Little Ones: Treasure Walk

    Looking for something fun to do with your little one? Look no further! The fun is right under your nose in the form of a treasure walk!

  • Choose your locale

    Choose your locale

    The great thing about a treasure hunt is that it can take place anywhere – indoors or out – since every little thing is a treasure in the mind of a little one. It simply involves letting your little one find and collect tiny treasures as you walk along! We chose to have our treasure walk by walking down our dead end street since it was such a lovely, sunny day.

  • Explore all the senses

    Explore all the senses

    In between collecting little treasures, encourage your little one to explore all of their senses. Stop to smell flowers, stomp on manhole covers to hear the sounds they make, and let them dig their fingers in dirt. All the world is a learning opportunity when you’re a wee one.

  • Take breaks

    Take breaks

    Tiny legs get tired easily, so make sure you’re prepared to take breaks. Stop and sing songs while sitting on a curb or really anything to break up your time.

  • Give them freedom

    Give them freedom

    Part of the beauty of a treasure walk is that they can be completely child-led. Obviously you may need to redirect your child away from anything that could be potentially unsafe, but overall, give them the freedom to roam and explore in any way they see fit. Let them pick things up, climb over things, and stop to just take things in. Our treasure walk took about 45 minutes and we only walked up and down 1/3 of our street! Your little one will likely be completely thrilled by all the freedom, so let them enjoy it and lead the activity.

  • Examine the loot

    Examine the loot

    Once you’re home, examine the treasures that your child collected on their walk and make sure to take a photo of it. It will be a fun memory for you to remember of a fun little activity with your child.

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