Exploring Washington, D.C. with a Toddler

During our visit to northern Virginia last week, my baby boy experienced snow for the first time, and also got to explore our nation’s capital. We took a day away from the snow fun and headed to DC for some fun at the National Mall area. You may think the Smithsonian museums and other National Mall sights are not of interest to a toddler, but I disagree. My two-year-old had a lot of fun!

5 Fun Activities for Toddlers at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

  • National Air and Space Museum

    National Air and Space Museum

    This was probably my boy’s favorite activity. There’s lots of planes, rockets, and other aircraft to see at the National Air and Space Museum, plus an entire area where kids can explore how various things work. My toddler spent close to an hour in this area – he absolutely loved pushing all the buttons and pulling on the gears!
    Source: Tim/Flickr

  • National Museum of Natural History

    National Museum of Natural History

    There are so many displays to see at the National Museum of Natural History – big and small animals, sea life, and oh yes, dinosaurs! Toddlers love dinosaurs, so this museum is perfect for seeing huge displays of dinosaur bones and full-size skeletons. Of course, use your own discretion on whether or not your toddler will be frightened by the sight of such big animals.
    Source: Phil Roeder/Flickr

  • The Carousel on the National Mall

    The Carousel on the National Mall

    In the middle of the National Mall, there is a carousel for little ones to ride. We didn’t do so this time due to the wind on the day we went, but plenty of other parents had their children riding!
    Source: Mike Gifford/Flickr

  • See the art sculptures

    See the art sculptures

    As you walk throughout the National Mall, you’ll see a few art sculptures outside some of the museums. My baby boy liked seeing such big structures and even thought this one looked like Mickey Mouse!
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  • Walk, run, and enjoy the open fields

    Walk, run, and enjoy the open fields

    There is a lot of open space at the National Mall where toddlers can stretch out a bit and do what they do best – run! Take some time to walk around in-between museum visits and let your little one use up some of that built-up energy.
    Source: Lee Cannon/Flickr

What do you think your toddler would enjoy about a visit to Washington, D.C.?

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