Little L’s Trip Back in Time

This past week was incredible for our family — we took our first ever vacation in over a year, and more importantly it was our first trip with Little L, who will be 7 months next week.

We didn’t venture too far, but it’s the simple things that end up making you the happiest. I was a bit worried at first about everything I’d have to pack for her and my son, but in the end, I decided that if I forgot something, then so be it. We were out to have FUN!

We were spending four days with my in-laws in Williamsburg, Virginia, and then we were alone for five days after that. We didn’t even plan our days, we just went with the flow and it turned out to be GREAT! My husband and I were super relaxed, my son loved the change of scenery and even baby seemed happier. Being in that part of the country you can’t avoid getting a dose of American history — especially when it comes to the first British colony in the new world. We headed to Jamestown Settlement one of the days and let my son and Little L take a trip back in time.

Here she is recapping her day!

  • Little L's first official trip!

    Little L's first official trip!

    Little L was so good! She hung out in her stroller while her brother checked out the huts.

  • Welcome to Jamestown!

    Welcome to Jamestown!

    Welcome to Jamestown Settlement, the first British colony in the new world!

  • AHOY there!

    AHOY there!

    Here we are hanging by the ships that came over from England all those many years ago!

  • All aboard!

    All aboard!

    Little L waiting for her papi and her brother while they tour one of the ships.

  • Hanging with the locals

    Hanging with the locals

    Little L and mami hanging out with the locals…and lots of chickens!

  • Cooking with the Powhatans

    Cooking with the Powhatans

    So that’s how they cooked! Checking out how the Virginia natives, the Powhatans cooked their meals.

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